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Kohll’s Pharmacy has been a leading nationwide provider of immunization services for over 20 years.   Below is a brief outline of our services.

·        Nationwide services

·        Immunize EVERYONE ages 6 months and older

·        Clinics are staffed by licensed nurses

o   Kohll’s Pharmacy hires and trains their staff so you get consistent professional services

·        Influenza options - regular shot, Quadrivalent, High Dose Quandrivalent, and Preservative Free vaccine.

o    Pneumonia and shingles immunizations available

·        Online voucher program gives all employees access to immunization services

·        Online sign-up includes easy addition of appointment to personal calendar with 24 hour auto-reminder

·        Use of prefilled vaccine increases efficiency of clinic  

·        Supplies and vaccine arrive with nurse - not mailed to company

·        Removal of all biohazard waste

·        Corporate Wellness Director available 24/7 during immunization season to answer questions and respond to your needs